Saturday, June 21, 2014

The bridge of activity and friendship

Poetry Jam

tribute to the GITAP bike ride 2014
with photos and a big thanks to all


A bridge for bikes

A bridge for cars

A bridge over troubled water

trouble... water and no bridge in sight

rain that really filled the night

Looking down at roads that are bad

Smiling at the fun we had

Stopping in the shade of a tree

Look right up and thankfully be

Hills to ride down and up and repeat

Flowers that like the heat

The Mississippi with its wide shores

Then a hill or two and more

Flowers catch the morning sun

storms that made us peddle fast or run

Even with storms the biking is a slice of light

Life behind bars makes everything just right 

Thank for friends
 thanks for fun
thanks again every one!!!
YES...a challenge but .....what Fun!


  1. So awesome that you got to do this and your photos look just awesome. Am so proud of you that you can get up some of these hills.. Down looks great, but wow, some of the uphills look horrendous. How is that new baby, and how is your mom. Wish we could go off and do something fun!


  2. Great job and terrific pictures. What a tremendous work of art!

  3. I like the way this is put together very creative

  4. I like the pics with the words....interesting.

  5. ah def looks like you had some fun...and a very picturesque trip....
    bet that water felt good on your

  6. Good on you for this trip! So nice of you to share these photos...feel like I was there, minus the sore legs climbing hills:)

  7. Thanks so much for sharing your biking adventure with us, Rae Ann. Looks like you had a great time.

  8. Love the way you put this together with photos. That looks like quite a ride, but lots of fun. Peddle on!

  9. Hi Rae Ann, I would be glad to give a comment on yours if you visited at least the FIVE others who have commented on your post.

  10. Wow, what a wonderful adventure this must have been! Your pictures say it all. A grueling and rewarding adventure indeed!