Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Poetry Jam
Treasure or Trash

Treasure The Touch

I treasure things I touch that bring pleasure to the skin
It may be a soft silk shirt or what is there within
I treasure the energy that touches my fingers and my eyes
It makes the smile brighter as discovering a suprise

I love to find a treasure of photos from the past
It makes me know that the memories will stand the time and last
I love the treasure of time we spend here and now with grace
It may be the best present that is sent from a heavenly place

I do not bury treasure or pack it away from light
I want to touch it daily and feel its energy flight
I will touch an old soft blanket or old wood photo frame
I find the soft center in the remembering that came

What I truly treasure is the future of time and space
What I do not know but will touch my hands, my hair, and face
What tears will fall from the treasures long time lost
What now replaces those drops is new energy tossed

Treasure your time with those both young and old
Time will take both youth and age
you can not rerun
A day or hour or second
once its past your way

Treasure your time with friends
both old and newly found
Time with them expands your heart and makes a place within
A wonderful garden space
where you can plant
seeds of faith and love begins

Treasure the kiss ...Treasure the touch... Treasure the time
We have on earth
Treasure the colors.... pastel and bright
Treasure the moon you see tonight!


  1. Treasure the kiss ...Treasure the touch... Treasure the time - I just love this, what a fantastic poem, full of life and wisdom and excellently written. Well done.

  2. Ah indeed. There is so many little, ordinary things that surround us and we so often forget they are there, until we lose them and then it's too late to treasure them...

  3. all that touch us deeply should have to be treasured...i like how you've included nature, time and love in the list...a beautiful poem...

  4. Wise advice, Rae Ann... and such an eloquent poem. I love it.

  5. I do think it is good to keep the treasures OUT rather than hidden away. The treasures are to be enjoyed and the experiences remembered. And so true about the photos from the past -- they are richer than so many other things of MUCH greater material value.

  6. "Treasure the moon you see tonight" - remember to treasure all your times - good and bad! Thanks for sharing that!

  7. time is indeed a treasure, as our life here on this planet earth is measured; have a nice Wednesday

    much love...

  8. Lots of wisdom in this piece. Love the idea that we need to keep in touch with our treasurers--new and old.

  9. "you can not rerun
    A day or hour or second
    once its past your way"
    How true is that.. and allthose old gold things give us a memory to relive those times!!

  10. This is a very wise advice, Rae Ann! And you put it down in words wonderfully. Terrific piece of writing, to me a masterpiece!

  11. Wonderful things to treasure...we know not how long they will last.

    Beautifully written.