Wednesday, July 30, 2014

the little things

Ordinary things

Shoes by the door
Makes me think of more
My little grand kids grow so fast
The small times just doesn't last

Older ones don't come to my door
They have a world to explore
With iPhones and music in their ears
I don't know their hopes and fears

My small ones laugh and cuddle
Their shoes jump in the puddle
They kiss and say ""come back soon"
We stop and look at the moon

Little arms hug my neck and say
Don't get on the airplane and fly away
We talk and smile tickle and laugh
We always break the cookie in half

Way to soon the time may come to stay
When little shoes don't come to play
So now balloons and balls on the floor are fine
I hope they stay for a very long time

Dinosaurs and dragons can roarrrr in the house
Kids don't need to be quite as a mouse
Food can spill and toys run loose

As long as there are little shoes
Dinosaurs can come and roar
as long as there are little boots by my back door


  1. I so love this. I remember when I was a single mom with four kids at home and there was always a MOUND of shoes and backpacks all in a heap where they dropped them at the back door........I never could manage to keep that area from being a disaster. Now I am a great-grandma with ONE pair of shoes by the back door - mine. Yes, hold those little ones close........

  2. This is really cute! Keep it up!

  3. ah cute that is why grammas let the grands get away with everything eh? ha. i love the little ones, so i would agree -- they keep me looking for the magic

  4. Enjoy the ORDINARY times with the little ones while you can. It is always far too soon before there are no more 'boots at the door' and 'little arms around the neck.'

  5. Time spent with grandparents are priceless indeed and I am sure that the ones who are now busy with their iPhones have memories that are just as sweet as those of the little ones. This is just not a period when they will express this aloud.
    I enjoyed your mention of dinosaurs and dragons.

  6. ordinary is all about sweetness...isn't it?...

  7. Excellent, the joy of growing up and the loss of youth in the ordinary, Nicely done,

  8. Wonderful memories of those precious ordinary times with small ones. You are so right that these times pass way too quickly. Thanks for linking this.

  9. Hi Rae Ann, I hope we will see you make visits to other Poetry Jammers this week. Each of us enjoys them, and it builds community. Thanks.

  10. I love those little shoes...such a wonderful piece..

  11. How true. My children grew up in the blink of an eye and my grandchildren are growing faster.