Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Satisfy Our Thurst

Poetry Jam

Water, spirit,knowledge,fun
Friends, family, free time ,sun
Love, action,security, wealth 
Passion, food,curiosity, health

We look and search for much
Reach out to see and touch
Is the grass greener on the other side

Is it possible to be satisfied


  1. Rae Ann, I like your poem. Sometimes I wonder if it is possible for any of us to be satisfied. We think the grass is greener elsewhere, but really we all have the same grass....if we reach out and touch, we will see.

  2. Rae Ann, I will put your poem in the Mr Linky for "Thirst." I am not sure how many visits you will have, as the prompt is officially closed. I would recommend that you visit Alan, Peggy, Gabriella if you want some visits. (And MY thirst poem too, of course!) The new prompt goes live at 9 pm central tonight. Sorry about your computer troubles.

  3. Lovely write, Rae Ann. Greed and consumerism are rampant today and it seems that such thirst cannot be satisfied...

  4. You ask a relevant question. We never seem to be satisfied and tend to think that others fare better. It is a very human trait sadly.

  5. This poem made me think about the search for utopia and the hope that all humans have for something better. Very nice rhythm to your writing. Saw your link up on the Thirst theme and came to comment. :0)