Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Me Myself and I

Poetry Jam


I am by myself,
I do not always feel alone.
Where I am it does not matter,
I do not always wish a change.
Why Where When I am solo,
I do not always feel,
much lonesomeness,
when I am,

There is need,
for time alone.
Time to think and create
Time to be quiet and still
Tine to be grateful for time alone

When with a group of people,
I can feel very much alone.
Where I am does really matter,
I usually want to quickly change.
Why Where When I an in a social group,
I much of the time,
feel more loneliness,
then when I am alone.

Friendship is a great eraser
for the love of time alone.
When there is a great connection,
when there are tested friendships,
where the conversation flows so smoothly.
Time I am thankful for a close friendship,
Time I am grateful in a group.

I am        not alone
under         the stars
Strange          But True
I can be             most alone
At times                         when I am not


  1. a wonderful shape poem...really love the layout and some reflecting moments of time to oneself....

  2. A lot of truths in your words, Rae. Sometimes we need to choose to be alone. I also agree with your closing lines. We may feel very lonely when we do not seem to be. I like the shape of your poem!

  3. I know what you mean, Rae. Sometimes it is more lonely to be with a group with one really doesn't feel a particular connection than to be alone with oneself doing what one wants to do. Loved the shape poetry.

  4. What a beautifully shaped poem... so creative... its true for me also... i love being alone than surrounded by people...

  5. I love your format on this Rae, and being alone is something very desirable at times. Good to talk to you the other day!

  6. ha. was this meant to be a concrete poem? it looks like a girl...that is cool....sometimes it is when we are with others that we can feel most alone...realizing we are not alone in this world...another revelation...

  7. Nicely put...both in words and shape!

  8. oh i luv your shape poem, what a delight to look at and to read

    have a nice Wednesday

    much love...

  9. I COMPLETELY relate to this poem. As I spend most of my time alone, never lonely, I can feel my being alone most in a social group where I am the only one on her own. Well expressed.

  10. This makes me feel and contemplate loneliness, it provokes emotion and stirs the heart.

  11. LOL Love the shape of your poem. Perfect for alone! Alone and lonely are surely two different things.

  12. True friendship is the cure for loneliness. I like the way you have set out the poem!

  13. A charming, insightful shape poem - a form I have never been able to come close to pulling off, myself. This piece is a delight, on many levels.

  14. Simply awesome! I once heard that loneliness is hell for those who try to escape it but heaven for those who know to enjoy it, and I found it so true... I can see that concept reflected on your poem. I also love the shape you gave it, by the way. As I already said, simply awesome! Thank you for sharing this poetic delight!

  15. I like how you expressed being alone in a group as well. That's something even I experienced. Nicely written!

  16. Yes you can be more alone in a crowd than on your own.