Thursday, September 4, 2014

Your Genes

Poetry Jam

Genes In Jeans

1950s and 60s jeans were for camping and farming
girls wore skirts and dresses
for church and school and play
boys wore jeans not girls at all
1970s jeans were cool
but still ..,for brothers only
not really for church or school if you were a girl
Fashion or function I do not know
but  then…change came to the close lines.
1980s until the present  I think jeans rule
Boys and girls, women and men..
just jeans are always in 
for all genes and places…without traces
of old fashion rules for schools.

but now…I miss the necessity of the dress!


  1. Yes, so very true! Jeans are worn by all. Though I could not wear jeans / pants to school all through high school, every day when I returned home from school I took off the dress & put on jeans!

  2. Inward jeans most of the time and have done so for many years. As far as I can remember we had jeans in the 70s in Europe and it was not frowned upon as long as you did not wear them to church, even if you were a boy.

  3. Yes, jeans have come a long way, haven't they!

  4. Yes jeans are everywhere now it seems. But it is nice to wear a dress now and then--I would really have to dig in my closet to find one at this point. There must be one in there still!

  5. I remember my first pair of jeans .. in the eighth grade way back in 1954. We rolled up the bottoms so our penny-loafer shoes would show!

  6. Jeans has occupied every genes now, nicely written

    Like A Pair of Jeans

  7. "Jeans for all genes"! Great! Nice write. You seem to encapsulate a great deal of social change in a few lines!

  8. Jeans for me, and for my wife, she hates dresses. Great capture with this.

  9. i remember a time when 'jeans had its place' indeed, glad we are out of that constraint

    much love...

  10. is seldom that i see a dress...and it is sad...its nice to get a little dressed up on occassion