Friday, October 10, 2014

What Do You Want To Be ?

  Poetry Jam
If I Were....

If I were the puzzle maker

life is a puzzle that is for sure
 we have the peaces in our hands
there is a picture on both sides 
that messes with the plan

there are all the parts to work with for nothing is lost at  all
there is not just one puzzle in our box at all
there is no finished picture on the top at all
there is no directions on the back at all
there is not just one way to connect the peaces at  all

life is a challenge that's for sure
we have the abilities in our heads
there is conflicting information
that messes with our plan

information comes from childhood  places
information comes from old books and study places
information cones from TV  news and bias places
information passes from  tech to human places
information is rewritten as needed in official places

IF I were the puzzle maker 
who packed the box
I’d take out the pictures 
of war and strife
 not remove the challenges
 that add to life.

I’d help people see the side of joy
help visions of love connect in this toy
knowing this puzzle is never done
give a turn to every one 
to put in the peaces they help create
help them turn over peaces that show hate
     Mothers can teach mothers, sons, and brothers
Peaces can spread peace 
as we work together

The next generation of engineers, doctors, scientist and more 
will be the brightest that we ever see
they will be the ones to be....

the peaces .....and to grow....
the food for all
the communities we share 
the world that will be

the best blue dot puzzles ever


  1. Life really has so many puzzles. It doesn't seem we will ever figure out the answers. It is hard sometime to know how all the pieces of information we have collected over the years fits together. We keep hoping that those in the future will be better at solving puzzles than we are! Good to see you back in PJ this week, Rae Ann.

  2. Few certainly do not have the user manuals for all the puzzles we encounter. I like your positive and generous vision of the way you would pack that box, were you the puzzle maker.

  3. I would love to live in the best blue dot ever where challenges that add to life are not removed and thank the puzzle maker...this is the essence of life I think....done wonderfully Rae Ann :)

  4. Yes so many ways to put the puzzle together and it is never done! Thanks for posting and it is good to see you again.

  5. Hi Rae Ann, nice to see you back again in PJ; but really hope you will spend some time visiting those who have visited you as well. Thanks.

  6. Your poem is not missing any of its pieces, like a few of life's puzzles I've been challenged with over the years.

  7. I liked the concept of life being a double sided jigsaw puzzle, perhaps even a three-dimensional one! I doubt if there is anyone that has soled life's puzzle by the time they die. We should be content at the time fo our death to have got an inkling of what pictures may be hidden in these puzzles!

  8. smiles...would be nice if we could make the puzzle...add the pieces that we want and let the others be left out of the is one of those puzzles that we have to work at and play with in order to get it to work some times...