Tuesday, November 18, 2014

You Are You

Poetry Jam

Who Am I?  Why?

A mother’s child?
A princess meek and mild? 
Daddy’s little girl?
A princess of power  to rule the world?

A ballerina on life’s stage? 
A yellow bird in a small cage?
An actor  on the path of life?
A big bird flying high with relief?

Just a dot if you look at the sky?
Just a speck as the stars fly by?
Yes…But so much more
You can have titles by the score!

Daughter, Aunt, Sister and Mother
Teacher, Student, Caregiver, and Lover
Special, Unique, Wonderful, and Bold
God knows you and what will unfold!

Who am I ?….I do not know
Mother, Teacher, the list can grow!
I am now under mother tears
I know of life’s little fears

I want to rock you to sleep!
I want my little one to keep!
I want you to have all life can give!
I want Joy in you to live!
I want to Know that you are alright.!
I want to hug you with all my might!

You Are Always You

I will always love you!


  1. I like the way you have listed all of your roles. The last stanza is filled with love.

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  3. We are indeed the sum of many roles. I enjoyed the way you expressed this and the great use of rhymes.

  4. It was interesting how you subtly moved from talking about Who Am I to Who Are You. Made me realize how similar the two questions are and how we really don't know any of the answers completely.

  5. "Who am I ?….I do not know"...how true this is!!..I sometimes wonder what am I doing and why?...nice response to a thought provoking prompt...

  6. interesting...you explore several facets of who we are...our formal roles...the metaphors we live by...the stage, grounded or flying...it is interesting how when we are with loved ones, little ones, we self explore as we think of their own development...I know that was true of when I had my boys....

  7. we do wear many hats, we are qua the moment, our yesterdays and interestingly too our tomorrows, what a span of self, amazing

    have a nice Wednesday

    much love...

  8. So beautiful Rae! Have been thinking about you so often, and the fun we have had. Hope you are well!
    This poem says so much about who we are as women!

  9. We are so many different people but at the end of the day to love and be loved is all that is needed.

  10. Beautifully written and your heart just sings of love and acceptance. Well done.

  11. "just a speck as the stars fly by" - just imagine how small we are in comparison to all that out there, yet we are a someone.

  12. Of all our roles, Mother has to be the strongest. It's like our hearts are walking around outside us, in other peoples' bodies, isnt it?

  13. nicely penned, mother's love is incomparable


    now following your blog

  14. A good way to define who you are, by exploring your relationship with others, Rae Ann.