Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Day

How 2 B

B your personal best
A  grateful world guest
2 all be A friend
We all R A blend
4 the times U need 2 B A dionasour
And U let some anger roar
Nash UR teeth
But keep destruction off the streets 
Great grandpa came from different places
We R A mix of many races

Mothers want the same thing for their girls and boys
Peace is more important then toys
Peace in the world comes from harmony in the home
Home harmony starts from trust in the community
Community finds joy in country justice
Country's communicate  and happiness happens
Harmony and Hope find U
U find inner Gratefulness 
Love returns

ABC and 123 
Teach patience and peace
Teach trust and cooperation
Teach communication and frustration count
Teach neighbor 2 neighbor helpfulness
Above All U R the teacher
Teach connection and compromise and cooperation 
Teach love


  1. I agree that teaching and transmitting the values we hold dear - beginning with love - is essential.

    1. We are all teachers in some way or another

  2. Wishing you Harmony and Hope on this Thanksgiving Day....and, yes, peace is so important.

    1. Hope happiness harmony...the last is sometimes the hardest to hold on too

  3. Wonderful.

    Thanks for come by.

  4. in order to find patience and peace we have to come to terms with our emotions...and that means even anger...there are times we have to be angry, but we can not use it as license to destroy

    1. When playing with nt three year old grandson and a stuffed but motorized Dino he said He's soft but can act ruff and men .it made me think about how we teach kids to handle anger.i told him the Dino did not have to knock down the blocks b

  5. I do hope you will be able to visit those who commented! Happy Thanksgiving to you.

    1. I haven't seen responses to my 'how to poem' or Gabriella's or Sumana's. So I am still waiting for this courtesy for these poems last week.

  6. Self teacher and mentoring so essential parts of life. Nice poem :)