Friday, December 12, 2014

Quiet White


I think I know
Why I love snow
The calm it provides
The peace resides
in my breath

I know I love snow
Its fall is so slow
The glitter fills the air
There is no quiet to compare
in my breathing

I want to view
a snow flake or two
Unique is the design
The proportions sublime
to my eyes

To view I am blessed
I put quiet to the test
So I give a cheers
For winter is here
let it snow

Now wait… did I miss the joy and shout
to much snow…schools out
And the groan of the need to move the snow
The &^#$ in the traffic that won’t go
The yells on the sled hills as the kids go fast
Somehow most of that is in the past
It is the total joy that I remember
The snow and fun of all the Decembers
I love to ski and play in the snow
If it isn't 0 below
Snow noises still quiets my heart
The love of snow brings that part

Stars calm the night 
Snow calms the day
A fire in the fireplace

I love it that way


  1. Snow can indeed incite us to pause and admire what is around us.

  2. Freshly fallen snow really does give us a sense of peace! I too remember a lot of 'joy' in the snow, mostly from the time when I was a child. I like the memories you shared as well as your photos, Rae Ann.

  3. I love the stillness and whiteness of freshly fallen snow ~ But its not my favorite season though, smiles ~ Have a good weekend ~

  4. A lovely fun piece, with a touch of whimsy (as lighthearted as a snow day off from school . . . used to feel). Smiles.

  5. Snow is very quiet in itself--but then there is the sound of all that fun! Several aspects of snow here. Thanks for posting.

  6. …the many "faces" of snow. I lived in the snow belt practically my whole life. I don't really miss it much - but the occasional snow here in NC - I'm the first one out walking in it as I love the magical descent of the fist snow flakes.

  7. looks like someone had a bit of fun in the white stuff.....
    i love the hush of the snow....and i hope to get to play in some of the white stuff this year....maybe this weekend they are saying...

  8. Snow with so much different shades, I know I love your poem on snow :)