Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Where do we go from here

Poetry Jam

The Journey

Between the date you are born
and the date that you die
there is a space in time 
we call the journey
(i can't make this rhyme)

Between the date you die
and the date you begin
there is a slip of time
to fit a journey in

The journey sits on top of that dash
between the dates you carve in stone
it is short ...a 100 years or less
the time is just ours... on loan

Where it starts is by God's grace
in the chosen time and chosen place
woods or desert ...cold or warm
easy start or in wars harm

It is what we do with the time we have
It is what we have and choose to share
It is how we live and how we care
It is in the grace and starting place
it is the fun we add to the world around
It is the shoes we walk in on the ground
It is the joy wIth life that we find 
It is the time we give to others we meet
It is the evil we find and don’t repeat
It is always being Here and Now
It is a quiet prayer and sometimes”wow”

The journey can freeze some hearts and create
The journey of unrecognizable  hate
I Pray we can really start here
 erase all the hate and fear

Lifes journey long or short
deserves to be the best
the short space can report
from the start to the finish line
we all all make choices ...all the time!

This journey
 puts us all to the test…to make the journey the very best
we must learn from the past mistakes
for the worlds sake!
Everyone get an A on this test.
Lets take hands and erase this world mess!!!


  1. i'm certainly giving you an "A" after reading your poem; a really nice one; luv all the intricacies of the journry

    have a nice Wednesday

    much love...

  2. So beautifully described the journey of life, which for some ends up in hatred and for some in love.

    1. My prayers are that we all end in love

  3. we can hope hate and fear go away but until we start acting like we actually believe in God instead of just paying lip service to god while continuing to live in out selfish ways...grace does not mean we just get to do what we want...and we have cheapened it...and cheapened god & our testimony...but def --- it is a choice how we fill that line between the dates.

  4. ... life's journey, complex .. and yes the ultimate test .. you have described it well.

  5. I like the way you have written life's journey. Each is unique, no two the same. Thanks for taking part, Rae Ann.

  6. I like how you suggest what is universal and what is unique in everyone's existence, Rae Ann.

    1. I think life is uniquely universal and connected

  7. Life is indeed a journey. Each of these stanzas could be a separate poem. I like how you have collected so many thoughts here.

    1. think I almost stopped after the first lines

  8. Replies
    1. Lets just all concentrate and maybe we really can

  9. Nice poem :) Like I always say, "Life isn't measured by the years that go by, but by the memories and experiences that we make along the way.

  10. There are certainly lots of wonderful things that happen to make the journey most interesting in life! Great lines artbyrae!


  11. We want our lives to count. You've given this life journey a great deal of though here. Nicely done!

  12. "The journey sits on top of that dash
    between the dates you carve in stone"


  13. Every line you have penned is so beautiful and it goes well with the theme. Lovely it is!

  14. Nice one, Rae. It is up to us to make that journey worthwhile!