Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Four seasons of the heart

Poetry Jam
It Is The Season

Now it is snow 
 we travel cold if we go
the world is sparkling
begging us to sing
Soon though, it will be spring

I love winter but new flowers call to my heart
they make new emotions start
deep beneath the winters white
there is growing the springs delight
With spring, summer will soon show its might

I love spring but the heat of summer makes me smile
I love to bike mile after mile
The beach and water call to me
barefoot in the sand sets me free

Winter, Spring, Summer, and  Autumn is the key

After the summer comes the fall
sometimes I love this season best of all
Color just catches an artists spirit and makes it soar
The color and sound and so much more

Natures paint brush is totally the best
North South East or West
All seasons put our heart to the test

what covers them all 
what covers summer winter spring and fall
what is the umbrella that holds my heart
what can not be anything... but set apart?
We are all here together all seasons in one

The universe and the sky
that connects you and  I
What ever season you are in now or are ready to start
We are connected by the seasons of the heart


  1. Such a beautiful thought "We are all connected by the season of the heart." Lovely :)

  2. Nature's beauty is always around us. Thanks Rae.

  3. All seasons have their advantages. And yes, the universe and sky connects everyone.

  4. Love the progression in this piece :-)

  5. Nature has a wonderful way of expressing itself, and this piece that you've written does a great job of showing that. :)

  6. Each season gives us something special

  7. Yes there are things to like about all the seasons no matter where you are or what your climate. I like the way you inserted parts of the poem in the photos (though I was challenged getting them large enough to read). Thanks for thinking about the seasons and posting this.

  8. Loved the last lines.
    Amazing and lovely :)
    Well penned!

  9. Lovely poem :) I specially loved the last four lines :)

  10. if i had a would be autumn....the coolness, the color of the world even as it dies....the flowers of spring do pluck at my heart too...each season has its love language...even the harsh winter that slows us down to appreciate time together...

    i am late to the prompt at pj this week...oy...smiles.

  11. It's good to enjoy each and every season for what it freely gives us. You've ex[ressed that well, Rae.