Sunday, May 1, 2016

I really missed my time hereon this blog and will give this site more attention now.  Somehow when I am not typing poetry I feel I am missing something.  So here is another restart.

I was on a whitewater raft trip through the Grand Canyon and now it is very hard to not add words to my thoughts on the wonder of that grand place. It was a second time I was there but even though the first was 45 years ago my connection to that place and its stone story is always with me.

This is the first of many but it also has a first painting that is tied to these thoughts:

Canyon Colors Collide

Reunion with magic
fantasy and glory
Rocks and water
tell an ages old story
Edges of sunlight splashed
on a river's past generations
Colors consistent with
children's paint fascinations
New memories are made 
as stories are told
There is nothing but joy in the 
ledges of gold

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