Saturday, May 12, 2012

Abundant Joy

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Abundant Joy


Water holds them in its hands,
like stepping stones to heaven.

Islands form a chain of life,
spots in time connected.

Trees tell us to look up,
from flowers to the sky.
Each of God's creations,
can spark a light to live by.

Water connects the land to the sea,
Mountains connect the ground to sky,
Eagle's wings connect the air to the trees,
Trees have roots that connect to the land.
Islands are connected
to the
land,sky, water, and air.

Close your eyes, breath in, and taste the love there,
feel the light,
island connections will hug you tight.

Eagles in the blue, trees in the green, flowers show you red,
rainbow over the waterfall
will reflect all colors
to collect
in your heart's memory

Flowers are the proof nature's
connections are made fresh each year.
Islands memory collections will stay.
All that you need is here,
hold it dear.

On islands nothing is an island or alone.
All the dots connect
back to your

(the oil painting is Finished but I will all some acrylic which will add the transparent light...abundant joy here!)


  1. Beautiful thoughts accompanying your beautiful painting!

  2. This is gorgeous Rae, and i love the poem to go with it!