Tuesday, February 25, 2014

tracks of life

Poetry Jam

“Everyone is in your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime” by ???

Energy Movement

Get on the train,
Sit down and enjoy the view.

What is your name,
Are you going there too?

Hello and good by,
Please... stay with me!

Oh, how time can fly,
Now.... I really can see!

A reason you were in my life just then,
To teach me things I need to know.

Your life and mine now take different bends,
The reason is over and you must go.

A season is a longer part of life,
A season made of many days.

A time you made me your wife,
A family time with kids to raise.

Many folk get on the train of life,
Some walk in, some stay, and some just go.

Will you stay through love and strife,
When I say hello, I just don't know!

We are not going to only a destination,
Life has an energy of its own.

The journey is not to only one station,

Come with me don't roam alone!


  1. when we journey together life is much easier/more enjoyable...more as intended as well...and will the relationship last? be it friend or lover...who can tell until it is put to the test

  2. Sometimes people do join one's journey for a reason, I have found. It is nice that throughout life one finds people with whom one can share part of one's journey, as it is much better to travel together than alone. I like very much your take on the prompt, Rae Ann.

  3. I enjoyed your poetic view of life as a train journey. Sometimes being on that train with others makes sense, sometimes we scratch our heads and are no longer so sure.
    "A reason you were in my life just then, / To teach me things I need to know." - this is retain key an excellent reason why some folks are there.

  4. 'The journey is not to only one station,'..this is very true...life has so many turns....

  5. I've always liked the saying about people being in your life for a reason, season or lifetime. Just seems to help when people move on or I do.

  6. Life and the journey through the storms and trials. Love the feel of this and the way it makes it way towards the destination. Well done.

  7. I have had some lively and interesting conversations with people while traveling...nicely done!

  8. On the train of life - some stay and some go. But I don't believe anyone wants to go through this life alone. Smartly penned!

  9. Good use of the prompt to talk about the journey of life with people coming and going for a day, a season or a lifetime.

  10. Journey's can be fun with another, like how you approached this from a 'life' angle.

  11. That is one of my friend's favorite sayings. Great write! love that line "The journey is not only to one station" hit home with me...I've been to many :-)

  12. Love this upbeat invitation ... well-penned!

  13. Love your thoughts on this!