Wednesday, February 19, 2014

You always WIN

Poetry Jam

Life is Olympic

If you loose,
you still win!
If you win,
you share the victory!
If you loose by time
a fraction of a second,
It is not a loss by talent!
If your loss is by points
it may be a judgment call,
not less talent at all!
Win or loose here..
You win in spirit
You win in commitment
You win in life!

I have felt skis in the snow and wind in my face
But I can not race
I have felt the ice and the backwards chance
But can not dance
I have felt the fun of the ride
But do not want to fast slide!

Happy to watch from here
Excited without the fear
I love to cheer ... end from start
We are all
Olympians at heart.

Think about it...what was your Olympic moment? 
 We ALL have one!!


  1. I think you describe what a lot of us experience when it comes to watching the Olympics. We share their excitement without the fear or the risks and are indeed 'Olympians at heart'.

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  3. A good philosophy to take to heart. Nicely done!

  4. I enjoyed the thoughts of winning in life, and shared victories.

  5. So true, we are all Olympians one way or another. We all have had the joy of winning at one point or another & the sadness of defeat as well. And as we watch the television Olympics, we do identify, don't we?

  6. its been a while but i used to ski pretty well back in the day...before i crushed my legs...its an amazing feeling...

  7. Great post, and know that you have had many "olympic moments"!

    1. Well actually the birth of my two girls were Olympic moments for me. With lasting gold results for sure.

  8. Great words and really captures the spirit if the games, we all have moments it is just recognizing them and loving them.

  9. Well done...thanks for sharing

  10. You describe well why people love cheering and watching sports events. And the Olympic sports have such variety.

  11. Rae, so true, we've all felt that rush. I used to run track and that was amazing, but my Olympic sense came in a team building exercise when I had to walk a tightrope! :-) Thank you for the smile and the memory. Congrats on your 500 miles!

  12. Amazing - 500 miles! I'm not sure I would be able to walk for months after that!