Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Bottle Receipt for History

Poetry Jam

Bottle Receipt

Fact and function added to the bottle
Now... cork and shake
Memorized history and a touch of news
Bottle shake and store once more
Add equal parts of love and hate
Now mix in a pinch to sweet and sour
Cork it all and Waite 
Pour it on to paper
Eat with friends and family
As you listen to the news
Recapture the results as story
Good or bad as individual taste buds choose
Capture the emotions in the bottle
history facts story and news
Add this to the receipt
rerecord and recreate
Now we have the carbonation 
For all future human reaction
History receipt now complete
Bottle size shape and color is up to you
Store and eat as needed for health and happiness 
Label on the bottle?
History? Fiction? just a mess

Trust is in the stars
Einstein's theory captured as 
the moon hides the sun
Pictures capture emotion as
Words can hide the plans
History is written 
But the interpretation
Is Up to man

Bottled well and labeled nicely
Will future humans consume
The receipt as

Best taken with a slice of life
Consume before a bought of laughter
Not intended as a full meal
Food for thought only


  1. We have to know a bit of history to interpret the news. Facts are facts, but history is open to interpretation. I liked the warning label -- 'best taken with a slice of life' which is easy to interpret. That made me smile.

    1. fun to type...sometimes seems that facts are put into a bottle and shaken as to remix the outcome Results can be funny or serious. Food for thought to make a smile

  2. I guess at one point news becomes history, after time has passed and it has been checked and analyzed. Yet in the end, even history is open to interpretation. My Turkish students still maintain that the Armenian genocide did not take place.

    1. history is open to interpretation so true

  3. LOTS TO THINK ABOUT HERE! Love your poem!

  4. if we could distill truth and share it with future generations that would be great...history is not always...and usually given only from one perspective...much like the news....all depends on who controls it.

  5. Truth and the search for it is one of the great mysteries of life. Nicely written and well penned.

  6. This made me think--bottling history to be tasted and judged later perhaps has truth. Neat idea. Thanks for posting

  7. lots to inhale and think about. Well done!

  8. This is interesting - digesting the news (or, at least processing what is presented to us as news). A thoughtful write.

  9. well thought up process of bottling for thought indeed...

  10. News has been seasoned to taste lately before its consumption. Then once consumed the meal is sometimes misremembered as something better or worse than it was. I'll be reading this again.

  11. Rae, very clever write, I like how it kept evolving. So many good points/analogies about how it depends on the consumer. The warning was fabulous! :-)

  12. You certainly have captured the prompt in your words here....a lesson to be learned by the past. :-)

  13. We certainly brew odd concoctions for ourselves don't we? And often we have no choice about the ingredients, and include them in our brews even if we suspect they may not be wholesome.