Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Make It Happen

Poetry Jam
Make It

Family receipts for fun
and great times
are made with love and laughter
as the pot boils over.

Fresh receipts for food
and great tables
are made with smiles and singing and stories
as the griddle heats high

Fanciful receipts for dinning
and great travels
are made with memories and marshmallows
as the campfire glows brightly

Fresh Family Fanciful and Feasts
Great Times Tables Travels and Triumphs
Love Smiles Memories and Friendships
Pots Pans Grills Griddles and campfire forks catch the fun.

To Make It Happen
pass this on through new receipts
new generations
new family
THE receipt
eating and cooking togeather
older then dirt
but the
smiles are served new



  1. Oh another poem about family recipes. You must be French... recette is recipe in English:) All our happy memories happen around a food gathering with as you say new smiles every day.Nice poem.

  2. I too wrote about family recipes! I treasure them. Some are for great events, some are just simple ones for everyday meals. I always like it when friends are ready to share their own recipes to add to the family ones and thus compile my own collection.

  3. cooking together is such good times...be it family...or in one you love...ther eis just something about it you know...getting together to eat it...but mostly cooking together...i have some very fond memories...

  4. There is such joy in cooking and eating together for sure. A meal made with lots of hands helping is definitely an act of love for all, isn't it? Whether the meal be served around a campfire or at a dining room table, it can be very special!

  5. smiles are served new / daily...how very true....moments of warmth, love and joy...

  6. Oh yes family recipes are treasures and bring so many memories with them.

  7. Ah-h-h, a charming write - and timeless wisdom for families to take to heart.

  8. Yes sir ... the family table is the center of family life and the recipes passed on are so very important to maintaining family traditions!

  9. Now that my grandparents are no longer with us I really wish I'd made a note of some of those 'family recipes'. This made me smile.

  10. Smiles are served daily, excellent, this really makes you want to participate. well done

  11. Hi Rae Ann, posting the second time here....just to say that I hope that you will find time to visit the ten people who spent their time commenting on your poem this week. Your poem was a good poem, but I think we all have written poems worthy of comment as well. Thank you.

  12. Family recipes that are handed down are a treasure worth keeping. Nice poem.

  13. No better RECIPE for family fun and memories. Lovely work Rae!