Saturday, May 17, 2014

Building Friendships

Poetry Jam


Hugs and respect
Times to reflect
It's complicated
This friendship thing
Some friends are for life
Through all the strif
Some are in your heart to stay
Some come there but go away
A friendship can be real but only a season
But ...There for a loving reason

The people with you on your dash
The dash between birth and death
Are all a part
Of your heart

Make them all a friend
Through the joyful energy you send
Not all will make the special bond
Not all  are forever and beyond
Over all the space and years
Over all the mess and tears
A friend is what you need
To secede 
A friend is what you cherish 
To replenish 
Your spirit  your love your joy


  1. So true that not all friends are forever, but every friend is a treasure indeed...especially those that replenish your love and your joy!

  2. friends are def those that replenish
    and if we are lucky enough to find a few
    over the course of our dash that are true
    how rich we are.

  3. I like the idea of friends being part of "The people with you on your dash". Great exploration of friendship.

  4. Some come, some go, but each one brings a gift.

  5. Love the truths in this...unconditional is how we should both love and relate as friends...a beautiful reflection of that is here in your poem... a lovely write indeed!

  6. Time to reflect - just lovely that unconditional love and care that is build through the years.

  7. Yes, indeed... there's nothing like a good friend.