Thursday, May 8, 2014

Festival of life and love

 Life's Party

Festivals  of life and love
From start to finish and the space between 
Seconds build to years
Sometimes tears
Conversations build push and shove 
But the party is built into the center
Often spinning off kilter in a funny tilt
Like a flower the festival doesn't wilt
A mix of rhyme in the time and space
We call the journey we all take
From the time we first take a breath
To the last breath we take
There is the festival
Full of small steps and great moments
Full of connecting love and joyful laughter
Filled with what we choose to include
Filled with all the color in the wind
Find the flowers to smell
Find the love to cherish


Even in the rain

Laugh Love Live



  1. I love the form of this and the way it builds, this is a very clever and well thought out. It also contains great emotion.

  2. There are indeed large festivals and small festivals in life. I like the idea that there are small steps as well as great moments...and all are important.

    (You might want to check your photos. None of them show.)

  3. I like the idea that the festivals are also, to a certain extent, what we want them to be.

  4. Yes the festival of life. By the way the images on your post here don't seem to be showing up for me. Thanks for posting.

  5. I liked the comparison to life. Well done.