Sunday, January 25, 2015

writing poetry

Poetry Jam

Zig Zag Lines

Lines here and there
Up and back
Like a heart monitor they go
Lines criss-cross in the snow
Ideas inside out
Thoughts upside down
Smile or frown
My poetry just comes when I type
Once in a while it is actually good
Lines go where they should

Next time
I Promise

I will Try Harder


  1. I really like your photos, Rae Ann. And I do think sometime poetry is like zig zag lines.....and you never know where the lines or ideas will go.

  2. I enjoyed the analogy in your poem and the light tone. Indeed our lines do not always go where we'd like them to. Sometimes they even seem to have a life of their own. But I too try harder after I write one I am not too happy about.

  3. I like how you drew your inspiration for this poem about writing by looking at telephone wires. That is a unique perspective, and really tells a reader how you think.

  4. This was a fun poem to read. I like the co-ordination with the pictures and specially the last picture and last line of your poem.

  5. I like all the your references to all the lines and the photos go so well!

  6. You did very well. Keep writing.

  7. ha. its best to let the lines have their way
    and it will be good when it is...and otherwise
    it still is...

  8. Isn't it just amazing finding out where an idea leads to, or that what you think as random lines really make a lovely whole. I enjoyed reading your poem. :-)