Sunday, January 18, 2015

frozen fun

poetry jam

Do you want to build a snow man
Is there magic in the air
Do you think that you really can
Is their boots  there in a pair

Do you want to play with me
I'd love it if you could
Do you have imagination you can see
I'd think you really should

It's ok if you are barefoot
I like sand between my toes
It's ok if your boots are "caput"
I think shoes are sometimes foes

Can we celebrate the changes
Of the shoes we all must wear
Can we wonder at the ranges
Of the colors  and the "wear and tear"

It doesn't have to be a snowman
Come play with me in sand
It doesn't have to be a master plan
Come play where we both stand

Put your feet up in the air
Show me how to kick
Put your heart with mine and care
Show me a loving trick

Where is love without a snowman
When a vegetable is a nose
Where is love without a laughing plan
Where the music is composed

Sing to me of summer
Where shoes are but a dream
Sing of freezing is not a bummer

Where songs of friendship reign supreme 


  1. Sometimes the greatest treasure in life is sharing a moment with someone else. Never know what priceless moment it could create.

  2. Beautiful. Avi is a good inspiration! 😉

  3. It is more fun to play in the snow (or sand) with someone else! Sometimes we forget how to do this! I like the rhythm of this piece. It reads well.

  4. Life is made up of precious moment, times to share.

  5. I enjoyed your invitation to play. Whether it is in the snow or in the sand, both are good fun!

  6. What a fun poem, Rae Ann! Very playful. I like the contrast you have drawn between playing in the snow and playing in the sand. I like the photos of the snowmen that you shared too!

  7. Hi Rae Ann, I hope you will at least be able to visit the poems that Kenn, Peggy, Gabriella, Alan, and I shared for this prompt.... It would be so nice! Thank you.

  8. to me this speaks of the desire for our children to be played is so sad that so many go without someone in their lives to engage them...its as if people have more important things to do than answer that invitation...and that is the message that is sent...